using Shopify as your e-commerce software

Why Shopify Beats Them All

When it comes to handling your e-commerce business, you require software that will be more convenient. As much as there are different software with different features out there, Shopify still proves to be the top choice for many entrepreneurs. It is because it is what you expect and more. E-Commerce platforms have similar objectives, but Shopify comes with something extra to make your online business experience more comfortable. Some of these things include;

  • Great outlook

You will have fun when navigating the back end of your Shopify account. With a user-friendly interface, you have an easy time of getting around and putting everything in place and that is not all. You can always customize your dashboard to make it work for you.

  • Great POS

Online shopping is getting to new heights, and everyone wants to shop using their currencies. The POS offered by Shopify allows for your customers in different countries make payments quickly. That is because it accepts almost all the coins in the world and converts them to your original currency automatically. You can also get the Shopify smart card reader and have it linked with your Shopify account. This way you can be able to accept payments from smart cards on the spot securely.

  • True on me

Shopify allows you to deal with customers according to their preferences. In simple terms, your customers will receive different treatment depending on which platform they use to visit your store. If a customer visits your store for example and tried on some stuff and did not buy, you can use Shopify to entice them to shop when they have money. You can do this by sending the cart cost to their email. You will be encouraging the customer to buy online, yet he or she was physically at your shop.

  • No extra charges

When using Shopify as your e-commerce software, you can be sure of no hidden costs other than the regular subscription fee. The platform I therefore transparent and does not take advantage of your business. Note that Shopify does not charge an extra fee even when your customers shop through the Shopify smart card reader.


Online shopping is the only way that the world is heading. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to make sure that your business runs on a platform that will not disappoint you. Never forget that a good software with be noticed even by your customers.

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