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Shopify Smart Card Reader; Why Should You Get One?

To maximize your sales and tap into more customers, Shopify presents the Shopify smart card reader. This device allows you to receive payments made using Visa or Master cards. For online traders, this is so far one of the most important inventions ever made. The smart card reader makes it convenient for shoppers to buy directly from you or your online store using their smart card. Other facts about the Shopify smartcard reader is;

  • Accepts visa and master cards

These are so far the most popular types of smart cards in the world. The ability to receive payments from these two types of cards opens you up for more business. It dramatically favors shoppers who prefer using their cards to make payments.

  • Accepts partial payments

Sometimes a customer is willing to buy an item from your shop but does not have enough cash. Since he or she has a smart card, they may want to make up for the remaining balance. With the Shopify card reader, your customer can make the rest of the payment easily without any complication or additional costs.

  • Can link to your smart device

You should know that the Shopify app is available for both Ios and Android. To add on this great feature, the Shopify smart card reader can link to your smart device through blue tooth. All and all, you can have the reader to be fully integrated with your smart device so that you can overlook and confirm transactions. You can also carry out other sales related activities like issuing refunds.

  • Rechargeable

It can only be fair if your smart card reader is functioning every second of the day and that is why the Shopify smart card reader comes with a charger. That makes it convenient to work with outdoors. Its battery life is also durable with a single charging session — the fact that the battery is rechargeable beats the standard type of smart card readers that require a battery change when power runs out of them. You will save more money in recharging than buying new batteries for your card reader.


Your store is not doing enough until you open up another branch online. The Shopify smart card reader, on the other hand, is providing you with a medium that will allow you to run both your stores simultaneously without the problem of mixing up your transaction records and inventory.It also minimize loss of money in your business.