Shopify Credit Card Reader

Sell Anywhere Anytime With Shopify Credit Card Reader

In an era where money exists in many forms, it is essential for entrepreneurs to provide paying options for their customers. It will allow more customers to be able to shop whether they would like to pay online, in cash or using smart cards. Typically, if someone doesn’t have some money at hand, there are very high chances that they might want to pay using a smart card. It is crucial that you be flexible enough and that is what the Shopify smart card reader is offering you. It will allow you to;

  • Go for payments anywhere anytime

The device perfectly fits the pocket, and you can easily carry it around to go to your customers and will enable them to buy using their cards. That is convenient because it allows your customers to pay for your services without complicating the card payment process. To add on this, you can use it in your store as well as a backup.

  • Keep records

Digital payments information is delicate and needs to be saved for any future reference. With cash payments, you never get to collect all the essential data like real customer names. With the Shopify credit reader, you can keep perfect records that can help you push your marketing directly to customers. The data can also come in handy in case of an investigation.

  • Access your POS from anywhere

You can always log in to your POS through a browser enabling you to oversee all the sales activity taking place. It is, however, essential to know that you must have a Shopify account to use it with the smart card reader. The explanation is, your Shopify account is the back end of your POS.

  • Accept credit card payments in your store

You would want to allow your customers to have the option of paying using their credit cards in your store. Shopify credit reader is the perfect solution for you because you can even use it to accept partial payments. Your shoppers will find convenience in this since it is easy to lack cash but have money in your credit card.


A business can only make profits if it can collect money well. It is why it is critical that you provide your customers with payment options that they are most likely to lose. With features such as accepting partial payments, Shopify POS allows you to make sure that money comes in.

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