How Does Shopify Point of Sales System Work

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How does Shopify Point of Sales system can simplify your businesses processes and save you money and time? How does Shopify POS system work? Read and find out!

If you are running both offline and online stores, the Shopify POS system allows you to manage both of your stores in one centralized location. Already familiar with Shopify POS system?

We suppose that you know that the Shopify Point of sales system allows you to manage all of your sales transactions and effectively saves you time and money from managing different systems.

If you have two different systems in collecting sales information which will affect your database and your inventory management, you will probably need to reconcile these separate data so you get a handle of how your company is performing and your inventory level in real time.

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How does Shopify POS system work?
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We can all agree that is a lot of work that you don’t need to deal with if you can synchronize your entire business. In this article, we will show you how Shopify and the Point of Sales system can simplify your business processes and save you money and time. Let’s see how does Shopify POS system work.

The system works by plugging the Reader into your iPad which is used as the sales device in your physical store. This turns your iPad into a payment terminal or cash register. You can easily charge the customer’s credit card through this device. The sales records, inventory tracking, and customer information are synchronized with your Shopify store. You can browse through your store catalog, simply connect your iPad device to your cash register for cash transactions, and print receipts. You can ask customers for their email address (if they prefer for you to email them the receipt) which can also help you do some email marketing and further promote your business.

If you have more than one retail location, you can add more locations through the online amind panel. You can choose what kinds of products you want to be presented in your offline store and these items can be different from your online store. The online store products will be loaded in the Shopify Point of Sale system (automatically) when you log into the application on your iPad device.

The Shopify POS application allows you to integrate your payment terminal. You can also track your sales and configure your sales reports to separate offline from online sales. If you have more sales personnel in your store, we recommend you to use multiple iPads. All you have to do is plug in more Shopify Readers and use as many iPad devices as you want to.

The Shopify POS system has 3 different monthly plans. The plans are suitable for different levels of users. The first plan or Basic Shopify costs $29 a month, The second plan or Shopify costs $79 a month, and the third or Advanced Shopify costs $299 a month. The higher the Shopify plan, the better and more advanced features you get access to. If this is your first time starting a business online, you can get the Basic Shopify plan and upgrade later if necessary.

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Adopting the Shopify Point of Sales system

As a business owner, you don’t have to spend much time to notice the benefits of Shopify POS. Just the amount of time and money you can save and use to grow your business can reward you exponentially. Shopify POS system is a huge step forward for ecommerce solution Shopify. No longer is the platform only helping you and other sellers present and sell products online. The Shopify platform now helps you grow your offline business as well. If you conduct any sales in a physical store, adopting the Shopify Point of Sales system can be a powerful move.

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